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  1. Hi Eugen, I had a buddy tig weld me a frame quit some time ago, if I were to do it again I'd go with a different style, reason being, I didn't know the exhaust would give me such a headache, and could've brought the engine back another 3/4". As you can see by the pictures, I also have a rubber block on the bottom, underneath the frame plate..that one wouldn't necessarily have to be there or I could cut it down so it's more of a washer, I find the bolts and rubbers are sticking out too far, will need to order shorter bolts and make a few modifications.
  2. I did contact Scaled Composites but they weren't interested so looks like I'll have to eventually try it again, but before I do it again I'll shorten my engine mount in the front and also have my exhaust laid out differently so it's not infront of the engine. I was thinking if I could some how manage to bring my exhaust out on both sides, have some stainless plates cut with 6 or so small tubes welded to it at an angle like the P51 Mustang, that would be kinda cool...but I won't be able to go from the exhaust port directly to the cowling, that's only 2 to 3 inches, not sure if that would be good for the engine. I did attach a picture with a drawing stuck to the cowling with the idea of the P51 exhaust...but it would be towards the front of the nose not the back. I did cut a few holes in the front of the cowling, hopefully it'll be enough to keep it from over heating. As you can see I had to cut another hole lower where my output shaft sits, it was rubbing against the fiberglass so I'll have to fibreglass a small recess or bubble to give it some clearance. That last picture shows a few engine support link arms, I'm putting these in to hold the engine back for the reason that the engine is only mounted at the base and when it's under power the engine leans forward slightly.
  3. I did have the tail end tied down, yes the table was closer than it should've been, I could easily walk between the prop and table (when it wasn't running) it does look close. Yes I think it will fly, I have my blades set at approximately 14 degrees but as of yet I have no idea where exactly I'll have to set them, the tracking however is at a mm or so. Before I get to do any kind of thrust test it'll have to be moved, can't exactly do it in a residential neighborhood. Lol ...will also do a weight and balance before it gets moved... Kent do you know of any fiberglass/composite company in the US that would be willing to build me a professional cowling? Not happy with the one I have and not interested to do it all over again and have tried to contact a few companies here in BC but they seem to ignore me.
  4. That's a great idea, I might have to give that a try, would definitely make a difference...oh, I think I know why the engine was running so rough...air bubbles in the gas, was so low on fuel that it was suckin air...im assuming once the prop is installed it'll run a little smoother with a little resistance. I'll keep pluggin away at it, and keep posting whenever possible...thanks for the suggestion Kent.👍
  5. Hey guys, moving forward a lot faster than expected, got my wiring done, dash installed, new battery charged and installed, exhaust pipes wrapped and installed..and actually got the engine fired up for the first time....sounds like a Harley. Lol Also finished my cowling mold, pulled one piece from the mold but not sure if I like what I'm seeing. I put in 4 layers of cloth but still seems extremely thin and flimsy, it's really light which is good but im thinking I'll try another one with gelcoat as my outer layer which will give it more stiffness and more to work with as in sanding and prepping for paint. Hope the get my cowling struggles figured out this coming week...see if I can somehow work with the one I have or make another.. 20210528_193000.mp4 20210528_193000.mp4
  6. Thanks Kent..the engine is also a industrial engine, it's a Subaru/Robin EH72EFI 28HP.
  7. Hi folks, didnt even know this site was out there till now...Im glad I found it. Im just a guy working on a Quickie1 on my days off. Would love opinions and ideas...installed a Robin/Subaru EH72efi, hoping to getter done this summer. George

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