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  1. I'm kind of tempted. I just know nothing about them and can't really just go sit in one
  2. That e racer sure is a beauty.
  3. Here's another defiant on the old barns DEFIANT PROJECT • $25,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Molded: fuse top w/gulwing drs/fixed wshield, fuel strakes, cowls. Wings, canard, fuse on gear.$25k • Contact Jerry Langford , Owner - located Orange Lake, FL United States • Telephone: 352 509 5511 • Posted May 5, 2021 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad
  4. However, if the applicant's aircraft is under repair, in shipment, or under construction at that time, then the Director can grant a conditional waiver to allow the processing of a permit with the requirement that the applicant must have the aircraft certificated and airworthy within six (6) months of the effective date." From here https://hidot.hawaii.gov/airports/files/2013/01/17-SmallPlane.pdf
  5. Yes, but somewhere in there is a six month limitation for the hangar. Let me see if I can find it
  6. The only guy I know was a year ago in a lancair https://www.6zqpilot.com/
  7. Don't come across planes based at kamuela often. Sure! I wouldn't mind picking his brain a bit or flying over to test fit the plane for me if he doesn't mind More rambling thoughts.the grumman is the ideal hawaii plane imo because you can fly with the canopy cracked but finding a decent one is a bit of a disaster. Plus the corrosion thing. And the weird bonded wings
  8. Oh and I can't afford a velo a bd-4 also fits the mission perfectly but good luck finding one flying for sale. I've been watching Wittman w10 might too but I'm a big guy, 6'2 280 (but going down slowly) so fit might be an issue.
  9. Yeah, I know. I've been down that road. Good luck fighting the state. I got them to relent some but I think they said they'd give me 90 days or six months. I can't remember. You might could get it registered and a tail number assigned in that time and sneak by but I kinda doubt it. Also no paint work allowed period. They might take exception to glass work too, I'm not sure. I don't own a garage so I can't start there and move to a hangar later either. I could maybe set up a plastic garage in the yard but I live like right by a bay and the corrosion is insane here Also there are no DARs here so you have to go through the fsdo. Last guy that did that they made him truck his airplane to diingham to test it. They're trying to close Dillingham. He said he wouldn't do any of it again. Yes you could probably fly a dar out... The certified airplanes here are just junk after sitting around the ocean and I've always wanted an experimental anyway so I've been looking around for s.o.etching that'll work tk carry me, my wife, and a 45 pound dog inter island. Vans prices have gotten ridiculous, Mustang ii won't really fit the dog easily, thorp maybe if I can find an s18, We're too big for a long ez and dog... A cozy fits the mission efficiently. I don't need the speed but when gas is 7.50 a gallon efficient is nice. Plus fiberglass doesn't corrode. Theres a rutan defiant on barnstormers with a trailer. That's a good option because the strake width isn't an issue and it comes in its own container. Roll on roll off shipping isn't bad a d the trailer is worth the cost of the kit when it gets here but I'm not sure that's a project for a first time builder to dive into with no glass experience Phone typos a d a huge run on mess. Sorry. Tl,Dr flying in Hawaii sucks
  10. That airplane is a long way from flying anywhere but it could easily be shipped. Having two engines has advantages here
  11. Hangars are available, about $800 a month. I can get one immediately but they won’t let me build a plane in one, so I’d need a flying or at least registered aircraft to get one. thanks for the link. Maybe you’re right and it’s not worth pursuing
  12. Hello, some previous posts mention you might be able to get a cozy broken down in a shipping container, sort of on a diagonal. I think at the strakes they’re something like 111” wide, so i’m having hard time visualizing how that is done. Does anyone have maybe some photos of one stuffed in something like a 40’ high cube container? Alternatively, you think it would be possible to fit ferry tanks in back seats and ferry it, provided a professional would take the job? If the back seats are right on the CG, as I’ve read, maybe that’s not a bad way to go if a ferry pilot would touch it. It would need to cover about 2100nm plus reserves
  13. I don't know anything about the defiant or if I could even finish it, but I kind of want that.

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