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  1. That's what I thought, so I'm confused as to why the wing isn't mounted. The plane is surely more easily sold if it can be flight tested. The ad says it is in annual. I was curious about how old the photos are. It seems obvious that they were taken to sell the plane, they seem to be all on the same day, and there are many of them, as if it were being sold, but the ad says the wing is removed. I mentioned the ADS-B process only because I figured worst case scenario is the plane could be sitting at a class B or C airport, or under the cake. (scratching head)
  2. If I'm reading it right, N36SD has changed a lot of hands between 2006 and 2014. Not certain what that means. Ad says it's in annual and just needs ADS-B and the wing attached to fly it away at close to 200MPH. Am I mistaken, isn't there a form you can file with the FAA to ferry a plane out of, or into ADS-B airspace? Can't the wing just be attached and this thing be flown to the new buyer's home? https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N36SD

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