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  1. Does anyone have direct knowledge about installing an autopilot in Cozy IV. This unit currently does not and never had an autopilot. Considering purchase of Cozy IV but require a solid IFR platform which to me includes a good autopilot. I would greatly appreciate information and even more details on an installation either one you have done or had a shop install. thanks in advance Lacee Lamphere
  2. Thank you Kent, yes I had previously searched and am aware of the SQ2000 in San Diego and its reported concerns. At this point and the purpose for this post was to locate actual builders and actual flyers of SQ2000. Have been very fortunate to speak to 1 actual flyer and 1 that is still building SQ2000 but not yet flying today. Regards
  3. I’m wanting to make contact with anyone who has an actual flying SQ2000 as well as anyone who is building or has been involved in building and flying or maintaining a SQ2000. Would appreciate any assistance thanks in advance

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