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  1. Thanks Kent I've searched but haven't found anything helpful.
  2. Hello flyers, My Long-Ez 0-235 Lycoming C2C with an Ellison EFS-3 TB has been giving me a lot of grief. I get normal running conditions up to about 2200 rpm. Further throttle advancement causes missing, rpm drop and engine failure. My guess is somehow there is fuel starvation. The engine and TB had about 700 hrs when the issue started. I’ve exhausted possible causes ie: new plugs, harness and magnetos (it was time) fuel flow, fuel pressure, venting, compression (76-79lbs) and picking the brains of a couple seasoned builder friends and mechanics. This led to removal, partial disassembly and cleaning of the Ellison Tb. There were no visible issues. The diaphragm looked OK. I ordered a Tillotson 451402 suggested to fit an EFS-3A but it was much larger and I’m unable to find a match for the EFS-3’s smaller size. I’ve exhausted trying to contact Steve Glover for servicing or a rebuild. Aero Performance Specialties in Chino Ca said that they no longer are involved in this and didn’t know of anyone that does. I’ve had years of good performance up until now from this unit and am considering a Rotec TB replacement because of the similarities. I’ll admit I’m not up to speed on what may be new out there. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s experience with Rotec and thoughts on alternatives. Thanks Larry

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