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  1. Alan, I withheld my feedback out of consideration for your business, but you seem to be picking a fight so here’s my side of the story. The construction is good, but the plane is not in very good condition and miles from being called a finished airframe, which is what it was described as. I don't know Doug Koster, but invoking details about what he paid and why is irrelevant and probably not something Mr. Koster wants everyone to know. The airframe has clearly sat around a long time and is simply more work to finish than expected. Many of the metal parts show corrosion. One of the biggest issues is it is painted in a white primer or paint (you weren't able to say which when I asked) yet none of the contouring was done. Why? You didn’t have an answer. All that needs to be removed before contouring can begin and so the underlying work can be inspected. That alone looks to me like 600+ hours of work to straighten that problem out. The paint would hide UV damage to the epoxy if it were parked next to a window for a long time. And it might be incompatible with other materials used in finishing. Lots of mystery there, too much and it regrettably reduces the likelihood this would ever be finished. And as you stated, it is not an aerocanard, more aerocanardish. That means a longer build time as the new owner has to figure things out. Not the project Evan asked for. He expected a complete airframe. Since the contouring was not done, it could not be called a complete airframe by my definition. Another major concern is you failed to produce any builders log or the original plans in spite of numerous repeated requests by Evan in advance of the visit. Frankly you provided no documentation at all! You were evasive or at least uninformed during the presale process and and failed to disclose or share key information. Thats on you, no one else. And don’t smoke cigarettes around airplanes or in hangers or non-smokers like me. It’s foolish and potentially dangerous. I was there and thats what i saw. Izzy (603)410-7277

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