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  1. The EZ-Poxy 87 was going to be used for the fuel tank due to the fuel resistance, the EZ-83 is also approved but I'm sure there are others that work, just have to scour the CP's and CSA newsletters when I finally get to the strakes. It was sure nice to use the slower 87 though!
  2. Okay, FYI I just got off the phone with Endurance technologies who makes EZ-poxy, they have permanently discontinued EZ-87 hardener and only make EZ-83 now, hope that helps. Thanks Jon for the information.
  3. I was going to make an epoxy order from Spruce and they no longer carry the 87 hardener, when I called they said they no longer manufacture it. Does anyone know where I could get some 87? If not, what are the alternatives? I've been working with 87 and would rather not use 83 with half the setting time.

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