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  1. Sorry guys, since I started this project, I've bought a house and things at work got crazy busy... Haven't had much time to work on this. That looks great!
  2. I see... I'm using Siemens NX Gotcha, thanks for the info.
  3. Not sure what CP 25 is... All I have is the build instructions and the A1-14 Templates.
  4. Yeah, I've got all those... I'm asking about the points that define the lower curve of the fuselage.
  5. I am, but it doesn't hurt to ask if someone else already did the work first. Yeah I'm struggling with that as we speak. Where do I find the station locations for these points? Yeah I'm not looking for more accuracy just utility. It's much easier to deal with 3D models and digital drawings for what I'm looking to do. As an engineer working in the aerospace industry, I'm well aware that the quality of CAD work varies greatly depending on who did said work. You never know what can of worms you'll get when you look at someone else's work or inherit someone else's project. Lol
  6. Thanks Kent, I was just hoping to get the CAD drawings to I can import them and use them to do a 3D model and incorporate the mods I want in CAD first. Seems like I'll have to do it from scratch though.
  7. Did this project die? Were the final drawings ever released?

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