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  1. I can't seem to download them Jon.
  2. They aren't responding to either calls or emails, I don't think Dart Industries is there anymore. @Jon Matcho - So the company which purchased the rights no longer exists, it makes the plans orphaned, right?
  3. Hi Jon, so what is the work-around to get Dragonfly plans? Tried calling Dart Industries, Telephone: +27 82 5647765, this is their contact number as per EAA, but no success. Since Dragonfly is orphaned , why don't we have a strong community with pre-owned plans, like you have the plans here for Q and Q200? And since you are planning to start next with Cozy MK IV, the plans are brought by AircraftSpruce and have a very strong community around it, for me as a starter Cozy would be too complex. I concede to your point, I may have prejudged with my readings about Q200, but don't they land at quite higher speeds? Material list is missing from my Single seat quickie plans which I purchased, but since I was only studying the plans for understanding of canard designs, it was no problem. If I do think to start with Tri-Q as my first project, does the plans here have all info to build one, including material list?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where to get legit Dragonfly plans? would love to buy them. Have purchased Q1 plans from QuickHeads, but more interested in Dragonfly, since it is more controllable than Q1/Q200. Thanks

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