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  1. Oops, lost in translation… you understood me. Thanx for those tips! As for the engine, I definitely plan to open it and do some crankshaft and piston/rod balancing before flying it. I see most newly build Long EZ do not feature the lower winglet. Has anyone tried removing them from a flying airplane?
  2. Hello all, I intend to enter sport class pylon racing next year with my long EZ F-PZPN. She is totally by the plans with a O-235 engine. With light speed dual ignition, spinner and wheel pants, hertzler prop on a long extension, she gives me almost 180 kts IAS at SL with full throttle. At that speed, the engine runs right at redline (2800 rpm). However, given the competition (vans, lancairs,…) , I feel I will have to do some more preparation if I want to stay in the race. The first idea that springs to mind is a bigger engine, of course. A O-320 would be the immediate choice, as It fits on the existing mount. I need to find one of these. beside from that, any idea from people who have been here before, even small mods that will give a small gain in drag? Of course, going faster would need to expand VNE, and thus recalcule VD and test fly the aircraft… Is there someone who could provide the profiles used for the wing and canard (or even best, the Cl/Cd curves)? thanks for your input, and all the best…
  3. Thanks Kent. I had a closer look today, and found out that the crack is making its way on the other side, to the lightening hole, but has not made it all the way through. I hope I can fly it until next winter, when a long stop at the pit will be needed.
  4. Hi all, While doing the 3-years check of my 1987 Long EZ, I have discovered a fatigue crack on the right rear MLG extrusion, cutting through from the rudder cable passage outward, as shown on the attached picture. I first thought that I would just need to build a new extrusion, or order one from Cozy Girls, but it appears the extrusion is floxed to the fuselage side, and therefore cannot be removed. Any thought? Does it need immediate repair or can it just be left like that with some surveillance? If repair needed, what would be a convenient solution? Beefing up? welding? Thanks for your input... -PN.

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