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  1. Well...until that fist annual. Then they find they are paying $50k for overhaul and squawks on a plane than will sell for no more than $30k.
  2. I'm a huge fan of the G5s. We upgraded our whole fleet in the club I flew with previously and, for the price, they add a lot of value. Of course, part of capturing all of that is having a whole garmin set-up to get the full functionality - which is kind of how they get you - but altogether it is a pretty nice system.
  3. Hi all, I've decided a canard is the way to go for my first aircraft and I'm looking at Variezes/Long EZs. I know Longs are more popular, especially for IFR machines, but since this will be mostly a ship for myself, I can afford the extra weight of the equipment, and would like to capitalize in the lower cost of entry/higher efficiency of the Varieze. In my research, I came across various articles from the 80s and early 90s with folks who had made their Variezes IFR-equipped. I wanted to reach out and see if folks have any examples of their panels they could share. On a side-note: Plenty have told me that this isn't a plane to take into icing over the Rockies - as if that were the only reason one would have their instrument ticket. Rest assured, that isn't my intention. People seem to forget that you can fly IFR in VFR conditions, or might just want to break through a layer. My thought is, if I cant find one mostly equipped, find their best airframe/engine I can and re-do the panel. But with limited space, obviously that can take some planning, so looking for some inspiration from you folks if it ends up that way. Appreciate it!
  4. Thanks Kent - I did see your thread and really appreciate all the work you put into it. I was meaning to put something up here about that, but currently at work. Anyways, just wanted to put the post out there for the folks "considering" selling but who don't have something on the market yet. Gotta keep your feelers out there. Again - appreciate all your work!
  5. Hi all, I'm shopping for a canard and looking for a Varieze (O-200) or LongEz (O-320). Fuel injection OK. Must be equipped for night flight (including a clear canopy). Not seeking any projects or hangar queens that have been sitting forever. Thanks! -George Lansing, MI

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