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  1. Did anyone in touch with towplane? I send him some notes and emails but not response so far. thanks.
  2. Yes its a Q2 and comes from Autodesk fusion360. im on my way to build the q1 wing after fuselage is done so far. Would like to share with you details about the engine. I had some questions…..
  3. Sorry, I do not share the 3D models.
  4. Eugen

    ADS-B Out.

    Watch that…….easy and cheap….. https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/high-intensity-led-strobes-acl-whats-available.34848/page-2
  5. So far the bottom wing is done and ready to place a frame and switch it on the top side. They was place two peel ply sheet so the top do not get in touch with each area, but the bottom ply fit.
  6. Hello Chris, nice engine! My engine is on the way 🙂 which prop you did on that engine ? Dia? Pitch?
  7. Here we go with main wing ailerons slot with 1 bid and peelply on the top. To reduce the twist there was placed some weight to press it on the flat table.
  8. So far the Canard is going truth the cnc diy foam cutting machine, please find a picture below. After that the wing will be the next step to cut. The cnc diy foam cutting machine based on that source: RcKeith and that software: https://www.devcad.com/eng/devcncfoam.asp The machine runs very well and bring out a good quality of cuttet parts. How to build part#1 Best regrads Eugen
  9. Hello together, so far the Q1 fuselage is done with the outside glass. The next steps will be to produce the Main Wing and canards. The foam is already delivered by the supplier.
  10. I had the same issue last year and after some PM to his account I got the access to download the information from canard zone.com You should try and try it again until you get some response.
  11. In Europe we get it from R&G, please find the link below R&G peel ply but in the other cases I use Compoflex peel ply Compoflex 150 SB for vacuum infusion is much better.
  12. The fuselage is ready to sand after today the bulkhead 110 is fixed on his place.
  13. Hi George, do you are able to share some picture of your engine mount and how you fix it to the firewall? What for rubber units you use? Best regards Eugen
  14. The bottom is in the bag for the next 24h 🙂

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