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  1. The bottom is in the bag for the next 24h 🙂
  2. Great Project Georg! Please share with us more of your current progress!
  3. Here we go, the fuselage side #2 is in the bag 😀
  4. So far the Bulkheads 153.7 and AFT Canopy are in the vacuum bag, please find below the picture. Additional to that you will find picture from FS89 after the unpacking.
  5. The paperwork from Brock/Jinx I already have and placed on my website, thanks for the hint. Below the picture after 10h fix in the vacuum bag. Q1 Superquickie
  6. All bulkheads are read to place the layer and start with FS 89, so far the first layer done and fixed in a vacuum bag. 😀
  7. Please find below some information and drawings about belt drive units. Belt drive and analysis belt drive drawings For your attention ........
  8. Another test with URSA XPS foam from local homebuilder depot to check the current cnc mill settings and different tools. The XPS board was 30mm thick before and after processing it is now 25.4mm thick. I think the result is good and the processing of the ordered panels can begin. But, the machining produces a lot of flyable chips...... 😀
  9. Enclosed is the new layout plan for the AirEx C70.55 panels, which are supplied by Gaugler & Lutz in the dimensions 2450 mm x 1150 mm. This became necessary because the dimensions 1542 mm x 585mm and 381 mm x 585 mm specified in the drawings are not available or only at an extra charge. The production of the parts on the milling machine can now start after the machine code has been created.The layout plan include the following parts: FS 110 FS 89 Bottom FS 89 Top Seat Back Bulkhead Canopy Bulkhead AFT Console Console Top Wheel Pant Instrument Panel Bulkhead Instrument Panel Lower Right Instrument Panel Main Wing Cover AFT Mainz Wing FWD Fuel Tank Top Stiffeners Firewall Brace
  10. Standard Canard with additional Rovings placed in the top and bottom section.
  11. After your post Kent in the other forum I just placed a search on YouTube about blowing canopy and a ton of information come up so far. So in my opinion it's worth a try out 🙂 You are right, things need sometimes a learning curve. Thats the reason why some parts I build three times 🙂
  12. Canopy? Currently it's a part of my to do's, so Yes. I will produce a primal form and blow the canopy, like this guys Canopy blow up process So please read also the comments below the video, how the guys seal the both plywood parts together (vacuum seal) and the temperature issue to serve with parts from old kitchen oven. Additional to that the use: "For our 1/4" thick, 40" diameter bubble, we bring the oven up to temp with the piece inside, then let it heat soak for 45 minutes.Plexiglas remains malleable between 275*F and 350*F." So the comments are very helpful to understood how the magic will go truth 😉 I catch up that information from Kent Ashton post it in a another forum. It will be blow up with a long mold to a maximum high. After that the canopy should be cut in the middle to get two parts, but only use one of them . Please find in the attachment a example for the mold. Additional to that I need to build an oven to heat up the raw material.
  13. I did not fixed the fuselage bottom in my 3d model yet, but drawings are already done so far.
  14. I use Autocad Inventor 3D include a CAD/CAM app for machine code that fits to my DIY mill. Since last year I'm investigate the Quicke aircrafts in different ways and any valuable information I picked up from anyone, they are placed on my website.

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