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  1. I did not fixed the fuselage bottom in my 3d model yet, but drawings are already done so far.
  2. I use Autocad Inventor 3D include a CAD/CAM app for machine code that fits to my DIY mill. Since last year I'm investigate the Quicke aircrafts in different ways and any valuable information I picked up from anyone, they are placed on my website.
  3. Hello Brad211BL, please find below a link with some notes about material like foam, glass and resin. https://aerobase.weebly.com/bill-of-material---source--spec.html Best regards from Germany
  4. How far you are with the Q1 homebuild project? Yesterday I did some CNC work on my mill and cut a test panel BASF 3035, to check all my settings in CAD/CAM software before the right panel I will cut.
  5. Firewall is 543,2 mm x 503,8 mm If you want more information so please buy the Q1 Package that is available at this website already.
  6. Here we go, Main wing and Canard on his place...... 😀
  7. Kent, they will be never enough of that clamps in your workshop, so if any good clamp offer comes around the corner, than I catch it 😀. The point is, why I should wait to build airplanes until I reach the age of retirement?. The time to do that is right now and enjoy every second, that's life. Do never wait for anything or anyone, just do it. I want fly both of this wonderful airplane and I like the design of the Quickie. In the other hand they are enough in my family to pick up that nice airplane to cross the country by himself. So, let's do it, enjoy every second, open your mind and meet some wonderful people around the globe with the same conviction, be a part of the community and support it in the best way you are able. That's it. 😀
  8. Hello together, please find in the attachment some foam and glass investigation I did based on bill of material for a Q1 / Q2 project. All numbers in the sheets com up from data sheets I receive from the suppliers in the US or Europe. To your hands....... Best regards Eugen
  9. Here we go:-) Just some progress to build up the fuselage of Q2 and a long way ist start......
  10. Thanks for that link and the Information. To buy a Kit like you placed is a possibility but the shipping to Germany cost around 3000$ with sea freight additional tax and customs. So it make no Sense to by one from North America and in Europe no one sell a kit so far. So that was my decision to choice the other path. Best regards Eugen
  11. Hello Community, first of all I would like introduce my self. I'm on my way to build an ASSO X-Ray based on the construction of Guiseppe Vidor. Please find some impression on my Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerobase/ The Airplane ist build up with Hemlock wood and is an 2 Seat side-by-side configuration they will power up with an BMW 1200 LC motorcycle engine with about 120hp. An engine that is use very often here in Europe mostly in Trike segment. The project start at February 2019, so i will finished it until end of 2021 🙂. For the build i use a DIY CNC Mill with 3 axis with CAD/CAM and on the way is an DIY 5 axis cnc mill to build my own molds, just an example please follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koDYJIUCDGI It is just a example... So i come up with the Quickie Q2 during my buddy own a DragonFly and he try to get in the air, I create some 3D files for him on Autodesk Inventor 3D and bring it on the CNC mill too. So that the first step I fall in......... 🙂 I get in touch with Quickheads where I buy a Q2 package pay for it and Jon is on the way to help me in that fact, that anything is going wrong with that shop. But things are in progress with that issue, an should be no a big deal. I was at Forum Taurus, on Dave Morris site, on https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles , and on http://hiwaay.net/~bzwilson/dragonfly/drawings.html and on http://jdfinley.com/file-downloads/quickie-aircraft-documents/ and in the Facebook Group and in Quickie Q2 mailing list, that is also integrate in that forum. A very active group with a lot of solution around that very special aircraft , in fact that the design come up in the 70s an 80s. Unfortunately there is a low information available about the molds of the fuselage, in fact any measurements to build up a drawing or 3D model is still missing. Some of Quickie Q2 owner around us made a sectional 3d scan of the fuselage , but is hard to reach any data. It would be a shame if it were not possible to make the necessary data available to the public and keep it for the upcoming generations of homebuilders. So my investigation is on going, because I want to build up a 3D model and start a homebuild by use my own molds. I ask some companys in the US that are owner of the mold for a set of fuselage, but the cost include the shipping to Germany is higher than I will spend it in build up a DIY 5 Axis CNC mill and material for my own molds. So let us keep in touch. Best regards Eugen

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