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  1. Have the Open EZ Rev 5 dwgs printed 18" x 24" and they measure out. Question about the Plans. Have the LEZ Plans PDF. What size should the plans be printed so that the templates in the plans are accurate?
  2. Hey Kent. Thanks for the follow-up. Noticed you are from Concord. Are you by chance based at Mid-Carolina? If so, I had a look at your planes a couple of years ago. Friend of mine (Rick Basco) is based there and flew a Onex that he built. I built a Sonex and used to fly in and out of there to visit. I was based at Wilgrove. Recently moved from Charlotte to Eastern NC, sold the Sonex and now ready to have a "real" homebuilt airplane. Have the build manual so next step is to get the dwgs printed and get going or maybe find a good project or decent completed EZ. Thanks again.
  3. Are Open Rev 6 Plans and Drawings available? Have all the Rev 5 documents plus corrections for "1 inch error". OK to start build with Rev 5 or wait for Rev 6?

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