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  1. Hello All, I have recently acquired a Varieze, however, it has not flown in a couple years, but has been preserved / maintained adequately. There are a couple draw-backs, however. When the gentleman delivered the aircraft, he stated that he could not locate the wing attach pins, or bushings. I was aware before I purchased the aircraft that he did not have the plans, as he is not the original builder. I have searched fairly thoroughly for information regarding these pins / bushings, but it is my understanding that they are no longer commercially available. Is it possible to at least get the dimensions and required information / 'blueprints' to have these pins / bushings made locally? I have referenced the FAA website, and have reached out to local Varieze owners, but have not received any replies as of yet. I also have a question concerning the TERF CDs'. Do these only contain information / newsletters, etc... or do they also contain a copy of the plans? A copy of the plans could be a great asset as I set out to thoroughly inspect the aircraft. If they do not contain the plans, is there any way to attain a copy of the plans? It is my understanding that Mr. Rutan is agreeable to copies being made, correct me if I am wrong. I sincerely appreciate any / all feedback, and advice. Joel Hughes A&P Oklahoma City, OK

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