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  1. Absolutely, but let me expand the answer based on my situation. 1. I did not make a decision to go to the 320 just to convert to a 320. The O-290 provided very good performance and if there weren't other concerns I would have stayed with the O-290. 2, The O-290 was having oil leaks around the cylinders which turned out to be unrepairable 3. Based on the inspection I was concerned there might be other problems with the engine and the cost to tear down for a complete inspection and replace the cylinders as an O-290 was more that 1/2 the cost of a complete overhaul. 4. At that point the cost difference between doing a complete overhaul as an O-290 or boring out the block and making the engine an O-320 wasn't much so I made the decision to convert it to the 320.
  2. I am Marc's customer who had Lycon modify my Lycoming O-290-D2 to an O-320. When I purchased the plane (a very good plane from a construction standpoint - Per Marc) it hadn't been flown much and within about 100 hours had some engine issues. During the inspection of the cylinders it was determined they couldn't be repaired and must be replaced. In consultation with Lycon it was determined the cost to rebuild the O-290 or convert it to an O-320 was not much different. At that point I decided to convert it to an O-320. It wasn't cheep. The engine was put in service in June of 2016 and now has 550 hours on it. Since installation I have had one bent pushrod caused by a hung exhaust valve. Lycon replaced the pushrod at no cost and it was done in one day. Other than that the engine has run very well and burns about 1 qt every 15 hours. Oil analysis has been very good. The performance of the O-320 is significantly better that the O-290 but I did need to replace the prop (now a silver bullet). If you need more information feel free to contact me.

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