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  1. Jon, Just curious if you still planning to update the Rev 5 drawings? You replied last fall that was the goal of a winter project. Thanks, Gecko
  2. Thanks, Jon. I'm still on the bubble about building. Please confirm that Rev 5 (Mar 2006) is the most current OpenEZ drawings. Thanks, Gecko
  3. Thanks, Kent. I had seen John's post concerning the erroneous dimensions (I've done it while woodworking). I'll copy John's text into the PDF and annotate my drawings A/R. If I build I want to make sure it's correct the first time. I hope you can understand why I'm concerned about the lack of the opposing "witness marks". BTY - Do you know how to remove images from the threads? The usual "delete", "right click", etc., didn't work and made it worse. Thanks again, Gecko
  4. I apologize for the duplicate images. When trying to remove the redundant image it replicated (reminds me Mr Smith of The Matrix).
  5. Both the PDF & TIFF drawings are missing part or all of the corner reference marks. Sheet A1 has the marks in the upper-left and lower-right (green circles). Sheet A3 are missing the marks in the upper-left and lower-right (red circles). Is the thought (provided the same scaling is used) if Sheet A1 prints accurately then the remaining sheets will be accurate? I was told about Burt's informal waiver. I would actually purchase a TERF CD set if I were to build. Thanks, Gecko
  6. Hi, all. I'm considering building an EZ and a few years ago I downloaded the file "Open-EZDrawingsRev5.ZIP". While examining the drawings today I noticed that several of the sheets are missing scale verification references (the X-Y reference opposite the dimensioned X-Y). I don't know if there is an updated file and the link above (I know it's from 2010) is no longer valid. I also see that Rev 5 has dimensional errors. Also, are the TERF CDs still valid? Thanks, Gecko

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