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  1. Quickie Q200 engine cowling (both halves, unused). These are RARE! I bought a previously flown Q2 several years ago and it came with lots of extra parts, including the Q200 cowlings. I intended to restore the aircraft and convert to an O200 engine, but 'life got in the way' and I sold it. I kept the cowlings because I hoped one day I could use them on another Q2. Now I'm resigned to that not happening so they're up for sale. Great condition (a little dusty from indoor storage) and no damage - see photos. I am not keen to ship so would prefer local pickup, but maybe you could change my mind... $500 obo IMG_4093.HEIC IMG_4094.HEIC IMG_4095.HEIC IMG_4096.HEIC IMG_4097.HEIC IMG_4098.HEIC IMG_4099.HEIC IMG_4100.HEIC IMG_4101.HEIC
  2. Sold. I’m not aware of any others, sorry.
  3. Last Condition Inspection Dec 2017. Since then, just one flight (two legs) from KALM to KVGT in April 2018. TTAF 1072, TTEng 482.
  4. I've decided to sell my Q2 Project (LS1 canard but Revmaster engine mounts). It was first registered in 1995 by the builder. He aged out fast and only flew 100 hrs in it, then sold it minus the engine and prop in 2005. The 2005 buyer kept it in his hangar in FL intending to get it flying but life got in the way until 2017 when I stumbled over it online and bought it, trucking it back to my hangar at KVGT. I intended to finish it and get it flying but ‘life got in the way’ and now I’ve decided to sell it as I have too many other projects waiting in line. Check out my Project SQuERTA FaceBook page if you get a chance for some of the story and more photos (you’ll have to scroll down a lot). Some photos from 2017 below. I’ll take some more tomorrow if I get a chance - nothing’s changed, it has just sat under dust sheets in my hangar. $7,500 for the airframe and cowling. $2,500 for the Revmaster and propeller. $9,500 for both. PM me for more details if interested. Tristan PastedGraphic-1.tiff
  5. I am listing a friend's Varieze for sale. It was flying until last year (I collected it from KALM for him and flew it back to KVGT where it sits in my hangar). CI expired. Empty weight 743 lbs. It needs a new alternator and battery. Also MLG attach has worn and moves very slightly. Steam gauges. Basic VFR. Excellent entry level VEZ for someone looking to get their foot in the Rutan canard door. $14,500.

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