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    Daniel Kane
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    Greenville TX
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    Defense contractor.. mechanic
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    Retired from military.. work for a large aviation MRO. In Texas. Kids and stuff.
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    Besides a renewed interest in flying again. I am a competitive shooter.. USPSA and local matches

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    Terrell TX.

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    Other (Non-canard)

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  1. Hey.. thanks.. I am kinda new to the canard aircraft..Kent took me up in one about 15 or so years ago. i am considering.. but still looking.. now to see if I can get a ride in Dallas area.. again thanks.. Dan
  2. Hello all. I am a new guy to this site. I am a retired Air Force Crew Chief. I still work in the aviation industry. Just not what i did before. I am an A&P I found this site somehow.. looking for an airplane-to purchase.. is a canard an airplane a low time pilot should consider? and Hello Kent Ashton.. long time huh

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