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  1. I have available a new never used still in packing from shipment an MT 3 bladed constant speed pusher prop MTV-12-B , new governor and white spinner. The setup was designed for a Titan X-340 or X-370 180 - 205HP, but could be used with a Lycoming in that HP range.We paid well over $15K for these setups late last year but are selling due to the company going out of business.I'm looking for reasonable offers two of these available to sell.They can be inspected and picked up or shipped on a pallet to your location.Best way to contact me is email at terfer2@gmail.comThanks,Terry
  2. Up for sale is a brand new 3 bladed MT Prop for a pusher with spinner and governor. This setup was designed for a pusher application with a Titan 370 motor (I also have a new one of those for sale http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=170416 ) MT Prop is p/n MTV-12 B/LD 180-119a 3 bladed constant speed Spinner P285-23 Spinner Assembly diameter looks like 14.125" and 19.5" length Govener P-860-3 This is all new still in shipping crates never installed. Being sold to liquidate a company that went out of business. New we paid ~$14.3K each setup for these. We will sell for $11.5K plus shipping. Let me know if interested at terfer2@gmail.com. Should work well on a Cozy, Velocity, etc. Thanks Terry

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