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  1. That does look unreasonably worn out for under 200 hours. Something is not quite right with that pump.
  2. If I could, I would, but it's a drill weekend at the Air Reserves... Maybe next year!
  3. Aside from my PPL knowledge of the lycoming engine for my plane (for the check ride) I don't have direct experience with working on aviation engines other than the Allison t-56-A-15 (wouldn't THAT be a fun engine on a Cozy), but I can say a bit about the 13-b or similar designed rotary engines. They have a much higer RPM, but lower torque, you most certainly would want to go with a RGB in order to bring those rip-ems down and increase your torque. Keep in mind that the fuel cosumption would be a bit higer as well, because all three faces of the rotor are working at once. I own an RX-8 and it's crazy the power I have, but with an average of around 18-20 MPG I'd be better off with a Corvette as far as effeciency goes, even my avalanche is more fuel effecient than that. As far as maintenance, CHECK THE OIL! Much like a preflight on any plane, check it, and if it is remotely low, add oil. A rule in the RX world is if that oil light comes on once, your'e in for an engine change. The rotary engine itself likes turbochargers, which could provide an effeciency and performance boost on your aircraft, and it would indeed run very smoothly. If you ever wanted to do your own rebuild, you can practically take the engine out and re-rig it with a modified 5 gallon bucket to hold everythign together, the engine itself is only 3 moving parts, but there are easily twice as many seals as both the sides of the rotors and the apex seals do need addressing every once in a while. If you are looking into one taht has been turbo charged, I can ask my friend in Wisconsin who operates a shop that ONLY deals with rotary engines if he'd be comfortable providing guidance, or building up one of his spare 13-b's for you.
  4. Dang, Kent, You beat me to it! I've contacted her via Facebook, She's looking to make sure they have all the logs and whatnot. Very unfortunate that her dad passed, but she has been really friendly, and may like advice in order to sell it. Anything I should pass on to her? I am not terribly familiar with EZ's since I am not an owner (yet) of any.
  5. I don' t know Kent, all the cool kids coordinate :P...
  6. Oh, said project is entirely NOT aviation related...I can go into detail about it if you guys want. There is another project (a group one as well) sitting NEXT to my garage, and believe it or not it's sort of related to the first project. I enjoy flying, and I think the Rutan (and various mods and renditions) are the most interesting bunch. The Canard is appealing as the added safety feature. My favorite production executive transport is the Piaggio Avanti, it's definitley unconventional. I would love to get a chance to fly one of those puppies...
  7. Greetings all, I am a USAF(reserve) Crew chief of ten years, recently earned my PPL, and am looking into owning/building a Canard of sorts. I am a member of an EAA chapter, of which there is an individual with a Long-EZ. He is currently installing an ADS-B in it, But I will ask him for a ride along once he has everything together. What's your favorite thing about the Canard? Mine are split between stability, effeciency and speed, along with the "unusual" look to them.
  8. I'd like to start building, but would first have to move an old project out of the garage. All I need to do is secure the templates (saw the update about the dimensions on three pages being off) and the plans. Assistance (advice) would be apprecieated. For backgorund, I'm a USAF C-130 Crew chief, which I think will help with a build. Thanks in Advance!

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