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  1. I found it on Barnstormers....looking forward to the fun!
  2. Thank you!! Really looking forward to flying it.
  3. Thanks Kent! I definitely feel a bit rare (in a good way) with this Q200. quickheads.com seemed pretty quiet but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place on their forum. I will try again and check out the other group you mentioned. Thanks again!
  4. Hello everyone, I fly a Centurion Turbo 210 and primarily use it to commute to work. I very recently bought a 200 and will be receiving it within a couple of weeks or so (N33QR). I am interested in finding any other Q200 owners with current experience that might be close to the Dallas, Texas area. I look forward to learning more about these birds and being part of the community. Regards, Corbin

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