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  1. it would be a real handful, I know I have to use differential braking most of the time with mine, and I have the hoop gear. That being said I think the hoop gear is the most well suited for grass strips, but you’ll need a lot of runway if under 80hp.
  2. Mines got a limbach l2000 eo1. Just a fancy vw that’s certified in Germany. That said get an 80hp something. Most of the vw conversions these days are pretty good. Personally I like the limbach the best and will be at sun n fun finding out if I need to do much work to put Revmaster heads on it. Less valve adjustments...
  3. Pic of n88ed that was sent to me by the owner. He said last flight and annual was December 2017 canard and wing is off and in storage in his trailer.

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