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  1. Dgalo

    XPanel Software

    I don't have a DXF of the panel. I was just using the free version of XPanel to try out and see how it works. It doesn't appear that you can export a DXF file. It will generate a full size template that you can use to make a panel or it will generate a scaled engineering drawing. You can scale the panel dimensions to put into Solidworks from the Open EZ drawings here: The pages are A-1 and A-2 for the instrument panel. Another alternative would be to check the EAA solidworks forum to see if someone has one available. Dave Galovich
  2. Dgalo

    XPanel Software

    Below is a sample of a panel I laid out using XPanel software. Jim Evans was asking about instrument panel software on the Yahoo groups forum and you can no longer post attachments so here it is ....

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