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  1. Pez

    Some CAD renderings

    UL390i is 330NM, 0-235 is 210NM. Not exactly similar.
  2. Pez

    Some CAD renderings

    The UL-390 is 160hp vs the 235's 108hp (some are rated at 115hp@2800, but with a static RPM of 2400 or so, it doesn't do you much good) and you need the engine mounts beefed up not for the extra engine weight, but for the extra engine torque. A modern 390ci vs a 1940s designed 235ci torque would be pretty dramatic. It would be wise to listen to those who have built and flown these.
  3. There was no metal in the oil. The oil analysis I got said there was an elevated level of aluminum, probably due to inactivity, which was true (The plane hasn't been flown much since July), and chromium, and the plane just got a top overhaul 50 hours ago with new chrome cylinders. But both of the chromium and aluminum levels weren't alarming, just above average. All of the oil readings from the PDF were absolutely nothing like the oil analysis I got from my analysis. I've been in and out of the used car business for years and I've seen some shady dealings. It wouldn't surprise me if the buyer purposely sent in a known bad sample in order to talk the seller down from his initial price. He has only posted the bad info about the plane on this forum and hasn't been back; doesn't lend much credibility to his claim. I've also build MANY race car engines, so I did as much of an analysis as I could before I sent the sample. The seller did say he wouldn't sell it to the last 2 buyers because "they were the know it all type", so maybe there was some friction between the buyer and seller?? I do want to reupholster the seats, but I'll keep it as-is for now.
  4. 44TJ was highly recommended to me from the guys at RAFE. I went to them to get dual instruction in their Speed Canard early in the year. The RAFE borrowed it for 1.5 years, gave demo flights in it (25 hours worth, according to the log book), and the seller is also a Southeastern regional rep for RAFE. All of the RAFE and EZ Jet guys who were were familiar with the plane gave it a great recommendation. I looked at 44TJ about every weekend for the last month; compression test, oil analysis, multiple airframe inspections, etc. Long story short, nothing that the guy in September said was true, except that the plane has a GU Canard. According to RZ of RAFE and the seller, this one does not have any unpredictable tendencies in the rain. The seller did not demand de-registration, but encouraged me to keep it as 44TJ because it's easier to re-register and "it would warm my heart to see 44TJ at Sun N Fun again." Long story short, I flew it home yesterday. It made the 400 mile trip without a hiccup. Seller also threw in a lot of extras including a set of wheels pants, a powder coated 320 mount, the original plans (#17), every receipt, a build photo album, some specialty tools, tons of miscellaneous spare parts, etc. It's not as fast as I'd hoped, but upon further research, with no pants, a 235, and a climb prop, it's right where it should be. Sorry, not trying to hijack this thread, just responding to Kent's request to let you all know what I thought about it!
  5. Well, I've learned that writing on the internet is easier than writing on a bathroom wall. The previous commenter may be 100% correct with his assessment and claims, or may be completely false and inaccurate. His oil analysis does lend some credibility, so I'll definitely give it a close look. Not buying it immediately, but will give it a good look.
  6. Thanks. I'm going to look at it this weekend. It comes highly recommended, but I'll be doing my own assessment. Also, I was going to buy that 80CZ. I met the seller, agreed on his asking price, and he was going to fly it to me in a couple of days. A couple days later, I contacted him to lock in the meeting point, and he had sold it to someone else. Someone else must have made him a higher offer than his asking price.
  7. Can't see the PDF. Any other info on this one?

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