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  1. Hi Kent Ok, I thought the curls might help the airflow, not only for pulling them together and yes, you are right, I have quite a few gaps. I will check it when I have it assembled (now I loosened everything a little to work on it) and then definitely close these gaps! by the way I ordered a lighter baffling material after I gave some thoughts about your comment on how heavy it looks. Better do it right, as long as the Eze is in my shop. Cheers Fabian
  2. Hi Kent. Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Your baffling looks very nice! I think I will try the same. But I wonder around the curves in the baffling. It seems that Richard not only cut the baffling to the right length but added this funny twists Maybe it helps. And you are right, my baffling is very heavy stuff from Aircraft Spruce. I chose the „military standard“ to go on the safe side, but as my wife will also fly the Eze it might turn out that we have a c.g. problem with the heavy engine. The old one was a bit lighter. I am not entirely sure what material the covers are made off. It could be that it is a similar concept as you propose. Fiber with some kind of heat protection... ? I don‘t know. But for sure I will fill all the corners with RTV as you propose! merry christmas fabian The old baffling:
  3. Hallo Richard I am working on a Vari Eze I just purchased. I will have a new EDM engine monitor and want to improve the cooling. It has now a lot of improvements, even including an additional opening in the top cowl above the nr1 cylinder (although I am not sure if that helps or make it worse because of the additional air pressure on the jot side of the cylinders). Can you provide me with some instructions/plans for the bends of ypur aluminim bafflings? thanks fabian
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