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  1. I'm right handed and would prefer the stick in my right hand... I would have thought the left hand stick would have been perfect for left handers.
  2. Great, Thanks for all this information!
  3. Thanks for your reply. Was looking specifically at the Styrofoam / polystyrene foam for the wings. Trying to find out if I can source most of the materials locally before starting - Australia is a long way from most places, so it would be un-economical to freight large objects regardless of weight $$$.
  4. Shane Crawford


    Would be nice if Wicks and Spruce provided the manufacturer's part number for the foam! That way people in other countries would be able source the products from their local distributors... Also, without this information how do people in the States know exactly what they are getting?!
  5. So far I've been able to find: Long EZ plans pdf Open EZ drawings rev 5 (Will check against warning at the top of this thread) Long EZ plans updater Roncz Canard Template Rollover plans CP's Do I still need the TERF CD, is there any extra information on there?
  6. Or I should ask what is the most up to date version and where would I find it? As I have only come across rev 5...

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