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    GyroFlug/FFG Speed Canard
  1. Hello Doug

    I am the fellow with the 3 Speed Canard. If you have any questions, please call. 360-907-0716

    We fly them all the time. 


  2. Hello Everyone I am Henry Bartle from Independence air park. 7S5. I have 3 flying Speed canards and I am finishing a SQ2000. N5HN, N137DW and N67PK. I am looking for information on why there are none flying. We will be finishing the SQ by early next year. Is there a problem I should be aware of? I also have a Lancair IV-P. N811HB I am going to have all the cooling come down from the top and exit the rear, just like normal aircraft. Is there a better way? Thank you and take care, Henry
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