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  1. jimbo2000

    Long EZ size?

    need 1000 hrs to get into a jet warbird to take the type rated test, I hate the 172 that I learned on 40 years or so ago, so the long ez seems a suitable situation for 3 or so years to get the time in a fixed wing aircraft. I'm 230 and 6'2" in size. You seem to answer all and knowledgeable on the Rutan builds and derivatives. Since I don't like the lycoming engines although it is the most used in aviation, I will be replacing it with a T50-bo-12 @360hp pusher. I do not want to start from scratch and will buy a project from somebody and inspect it before purchase. I choose the long EZ because it's the most widely used canard without much problems and accidents. I would also like to cruise around 250 to 350 according to the safety specs of the canard design. I am a helicopter guy but want to be in a mach .8 warbird before leaving or being to old to do it. Thnx for your input!
  2. jimbo2000

    Long EZ size?

    please give me the rule of thumb of the center of gravity on Rutan long EZ. Please from actual experience, not just from textbook! Thank you

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