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  1. Appreciate the tip, but I already have a 4 place. Like most, at least two of those seats fly empty. There was a Long over at Borland field, but they had fitted some sort of retractable mains system. I am very keen on a plans built Long, not a heavier overly complicated hybrid. (and I'm not referring to the cozy, which I think is a great bird) I'm even in the camp that thinks the original nose looks fine.
  2. If anyone is still asking, I have gathered enough materials to get through chapter 9. As far as I can tell, with the TERF CD, Open EZ drawings, and Ferde Grofe video, I have everything I need to build an airplane. On top of that, I think I might be able to talk Bill James into looking over my work once in a while. I haven't officially started yet. trying to get other projects moved out so I can by this fall.
  3. Void, Could it be that you are using dimensions for the added spar cap layers, for example: .450" for the top CS root from the Long EZ plans? Then comparing this to the measurement from page A11 spar cap template? These templates are meant to define total material to be removed from the foam prior to glassing outside of CS spar. I measured (digitally) the open ez top CS spar root at .49" depth. The original shear web was 3 plies of BID which adds about .010" per ply (add .030") In the end, .030" shear web + 0.450 spar cap nets 0.48" total depth. I for one am not going to loose sleep over ten thousandths thickness, even if it is in my spar cap. If I'm way off on this folks, let me know. Jay
  4. Hello All. I am Jay Van Every. I am a family man of 20yrs, C-130 Engineer, hobby machinist, car nut, plane nut, and somebody that has way too many projects. I am in the process of getting rid of most of them so I can start an Open-EZ. I am poring over the Open-EZ data, TERF CD plans, and redlining the plans with all the canard pushers. I figure building a plane would be a lot more fun if I already had one to fly, so I have a 182 I fly and maintain, both on a regular basis. I am looking for buddies in the DFW area as I've only seen a Long in the flesh once, and have never flown one. Anyone around north Texas want to give a Vet a ride?

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