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  1. Thanks for the info Ron. Very much appreciated
  2. Thanks so much for all the info. Phillips Cozy sure is interesting btw.
  3. Thanks for the reply Kent. Good to know.
  4. Hey guys I’m Joe. I’m an airline guy up in Canada. I’m getting close to pulling the trigger and buying the Cozy plans from AS&S. I’ve been trying to read and understand as much as I can about the Cozy and the build process. I have a few newbie questions which I hope you guys don’t mind. 1) Any builders up in Canada? 2) I live in Southern Ontario. Cold snowy winters and hot and humid summers. I’m thinking I’d build smaller components over the winter months in my heated basement and the larger ones in my garage during the summer months? Does that seem feasible? Anyone else here start in their basement? 3) Is building a composite aircraft not really recommended in your house.....with the different chemicals and all? I’ve never used epoxy before. Am I gonna make my wife and kids high when I build? 4) I don’t know a lot about composites or its temperature properties. It gets very cold in the winter months in Canada. Great aircraft performance but will the extreme cold effect the composite structure of the aircraft if I want to fly it in the cold? 5) Will buying the pre-cut foam cores from a place such as Eureka put a serious dent in the build time? That’s about all I can think of for now Take care Joe

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