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  1. Jon, thanks again for answering and setting up the account, very happy to be here. HA! I get it everyday. I make about a dollar per flight crew when they try to guess where im from, my father side is from France though. talking about money, not a bad idea. there's plenty to sell, i guess I'll document it and post it accordingly around here.
  2. hey guys. really cool to have a chat going already. 90% to go sounds right, but predictable. very little fixing and much finishing to go. the gear is installed and can be retracted however the reaction cylinder is not installed yet. I wish I could replace that for an all mechanical system, but I just found out it takes a lot of pull to retract that thing, hence it works well with gravity to overcome a failure I guess... I'll try and post pictures very soon.
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Jean and thanks to J. Matcho, i now have an account. I have been a frequent visitor for a long time and it was time to join. What brings me here is my fascination for anything experimental, especially the long eze. That same fascination and a huge dose of luck put a project on my way and i am now looking forward to complete it. In my opinion this build is about 90% complete on the airframe. it is a plans built long, sitting on gear, nose has quite a beefy electric actuator on it, and turns out the main is the Drybread system. it came with many, many redundant parts including 1 or 2 roncz cannards, 2 sets of wings, i also have a few canopies. a performance propellers 3 bladed prop was custom made, and with the engine mount it will get a O320 on the back. 3 sets of cowlings also came with. It is for sure a very interesting project, and one that will be amazing once finished, but i know itll be a lot of work. I look forward to listen and learn from all the experience here, and to help anyone who needs help. I am an A&P and almost a private pilot, i live in addison, TX, and always happy to help.
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