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  1. sdtrojan

    Sales I've seen

    I do use updraft cooling Kent, The air comes up through the bottom of the block so when the cowling sits in top of the baffling they are held in position perfectly. We have tested the temps in flight and all CHTs are well below 390s at full throttle. Cameron, This SQ is not specifically mentioned in that post... looks like a rant about how SQs can't be safe because there aren't enough flying. Not a great argument in my opinion. I know of another one flying @ KAJO and it's a great safe plane. It just never took off because the company was scamming ppl, which doesn't mean their kits were unsafe or not a decent design. The accidents that have occurred have nothing to do with the SQ design.
  2. sdtrojan

    Sales I've seen

    Open to trade or sell - 2008 SQ2000 - Currently @ CHINO LYC IO360 200hp 54 hrs since zero timed OH 2006. This is 3rd canard aircraft by builder. 1st flew in 2009, last flew in Dec 2018. Always stored in Hanger since new. SQ2000 is the most aerodynamic and best looking of the 4 place canards. It's a little shorter in height and a little wider & faster than the other, like aircraft. The seats sit low on the floor, you don't loose any headroom. Bill Oertel is the west coast canard expert and he has completely gone through this SQ and corrected any safety issues/concerns. Installed single Plasma III lightspeed elec ignition. Left side is still Mag. New tires new brakes, New oil change redone baffling, engine wiring harness cleaned up, Deleted vacuum system for weight savings New battery New Wilhemsen elec nose gear motor Incidence reset properly against another SQ Rudders are setup for 6'-6'4 pilot Garmin 295 King Radio King KT76a Transponder Added Dynon Skyview 10" touch EFIS - $10k value - will come with latest databases Full Annual Inspection complete Dec 18 and flown Dec 18 - By Oertel Full Logs included Flight characteristics - had a bit of a dutch roll, Bill is recommending new CozyIV wings get fitted, the factory molded wings ran heavy 120lbs per wing. Total empty weight is 1500lbs with dual 30AH batteries and full weight & balance done. New wings would lower that 120lbs. Max gross is 2,300lbs I have over $56k into it, willing to trade at $50k value. djbreslin@gmail.com
  3. sdtrojan

    Sales I've seen

    LongEZ Project still for sale in El Cajon, CA (KSEE) Asking $4,500 OBO comes with original paper plans. Lots of work has been done.Has:Building PlansComplete FuselageTop and Bottom CowlingBuilt CanardEngine Mount for Lycoming O320Wings Foam BlocksFoam CutterLinkagesTemplatesTons of Fiberglass ClothMaterialsFastenersEtc.
  4. sdtrojan

    Sales I've seen

    Anyone interested in a LongEZ project for sale in San Diego, KSEE Asking $4k OBO Comes with a bunch of materials (photos to be added later)