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  1. Folks, I have found in the barn a BRAND NEW CANOPY. Still in Manufactures shipping box and NO CRACKS. Looking for offers if anyone needs this item as it is RARE ! Matt 603-6866-6442
  2. Hello to ALL MEMBERS, My name is Matt and I have numerous parts to a VeriEze. My father in-law has passed away and these parts are dry and in his barn. Frankly I'm not sure of all of what I have but for sure have a Brand New Canopy from the factory in the box. I wanted to post so the community can be aware these things are here and looking for a great home. Matt
  3. Hello, My name is Matt and I have an Estate holding Varieze Parts. One is a Brand New from the factory Canopy. Ordered shipped and Never removed from the box. I also have possibly wings but must get to them around barn materials. I need some input and hep if your interested. Matt

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