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  1. By the way, this is what the other side one looked like. OMG! Guess I'm kinda Lucky there was some play in the system!
  2. Yes. These are the ones I've ordered. On another topic, When I took out the aileron linkage, I found the end of the piece that went through the old phenolic bearing to be corroded and damaged. The hole in the tube that the bolt that attaches the bell crank was worn and distorted, so I need to replace this tube. Can anyone confirm these specs for this part? 4130 steel tubing, 5/8 (.625) OD, 0.435 ID, and .095 wall thickness, Aircraft Spruce Part 03-4000. Is this correct or should I order tubing with a thicker wall?
  3. I just found out that it might be an IGUS Igubal Flanged Bearing EFO1-10
  4. Does anyone know where I can get the Delrin Replacement torque tube bearings for the ailerons? I have about 5-10 degrees play in the right aileron and I have isolated it to the bearing (I Think). When I wiggle the aileron up and down the bell crank appears to twist about the vertical axis on the torque tube (like the torque tube is rotating forward and backwards on the vertical axis). So I think it's the bearing that is shot. I want to use the replacement bearings I saw in an online article, but it did not include source or part number. The bearings come in a holder that can be attached directly to the wall of the engine compartment and look like this:

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