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  1. Most of the baffles were done with posterboard and scissors as a prototype layup. Then the aluminum was cut to those patterns. I am, however, in the process of converting the Varieze to downdraft cooling and remaking the cowlings. I need to shed some weight on the backend. For this, I'm creating the upper and lower cowlings from carbon fiber and some nice contoured NACA scoops to feed into it.
  2. Well, for reasons I don't want to talk about, someone has dropped some heavy items on the wings and split the winglets. This gives me the opportunity to build new ones (keep it positive). Few questions for those who have experimented with winglets. I've heard through a friend that the original plans to mount the winglets caused a bit too much drag. What modifications have proven to be a drag reducer? What about producing the winglets and rudders out of carbon fiber? They are located in a place that seems that it could benefit from some additional stiffness?
  3. I've considered strongly the idea of removing the coatings from the exhaust in effort to restore some form of carb heat. Only issue I have with that is the heat on the engine is so perfect, why mess with something that "might" work. I've also designed a heat exchanger that would be attached to the carb inlet and heated by oil. Then again I would have just created a failure point and possible oil leak. Looked at electric elements, but only have an 8 amp alternator and would need 10amps for long durations. Heat up times are not always great either. Thought about something like a PCV valve and induce some crankcase fumes into the inlet, but that might incur some oil mist. Argh.
  4. Thanks. For hand work it is ok. Would like to cast them in prepeg carbon fiber. Shed some weight.
  5. Some good ideas. Might have to check indexing. On the IVO prop or Prince behavior was the same, which to me, rules out prop balance. What are the chances that both props are out of balance in the same way.
  6. I've been running the marval carb on my C-85 stroker since new. For heating the carb I use https://www.aircraftspruce.com/pages/ep/carbheat/variezelongezcarb.php hotbox from Aircraft Spruce. This issue is, I ceramic coated the exhaust. The positives are that my CHTs are always perfect. Never even come close to overheating. The bad is that hardly any heat come off of the exhaust pipes. Therefore, pulling the carb heat increases carb inlet temp by 1 paltry degree. My thoughts are to go with the AeroInjector due to its ability to resist icing. Any thoughts?
  7. I've been flying the Varieze for a while now. It's been sitting since completion due to some concerns. No matter what type of material the prop is made of, when landing and throttling back to around 1500 rpm, the craft vibrates from feedback of some sort from the prop windmilling into the air. My normal practice is to keep the rpm to 1800+ on approach. Is this common and is it a problem?
  8. I have the same exhaust and had the same issues. I plugged the original breather, built a plate that covers where the starter goes, tapped a breather fitting on it. Then, oil separator on the firewall with an exhaust across the engine to the exit. Can kind of see the plate on the left back of the engine:
  9. I've ran both a Prince and IVO. Took the IVO off because people were making me nervous. In reality it was probably the best performing prop for me. Issue I have with the Prince fixed pitch is that the prop was made with simple calculations that proved to be too much RPM at attitude. IVO was nice because I could change the pitch on the ground.
  10. I went with a C-85 stroker from http://www.aerotecengines.ca/. 105 hp in a light engine. Total weight of my Varieze is 610lbs. I had the original build manual but no templates. So I found some pdf scans and scaled them to size.
  11. I completed this Varieze awhile ago but stumbled on some pictures that some might be interested in. The baffling is what works much better than expected. In fact, with the coated exhaust, I now have issues with the heads sometimes not running warm enough. With some careful angling of exit direction and keeping the air attached on exit seems to keep all cylinders within very very close temp proximity.

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