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  1. Thanks Jon! I´ll will take a look... good idea...Thanks again!
  2. Thanks to all for the advices!...and yes, I still have a lot of time and things to do...It was just an (crazy?) idea....Thanks again!
  3. I was looking the drawings you sent to me, and some photos of te EZ cockpit... and I think that is possible to put a removable center stick ( the stick, not the base of it) just sending a link to the side, to the original controls...But your idea is cooler than mine, the center stick would be to "fly by wire" and still you will have te original controls...just in case....I think that wuould be the easier way to do it. Anyway....I keep lookig for some solutions.. after alll, I think that that´s what this is about...haha.. some people do puzzles...and we.... thanks!!
  4. Thanks Andrew for the answer! and thanks for the drawing...It clarifies better the controls of the ez...I only would like the center stick in the front...so maybe something may be done, I dont know, maybe leave the original controls and add the center stick, like "remotely" control the controls haha, ...Thanks again!
  5. Hi! Im new in the forum, and planning to build an LEz, but there are some things that I would like to change, if the possibility exist, I would like to have a cockpit with a central stick, like a conventional cockpit, and to have the possibility of fly with either a hand or the another. ...the answer...did somebody try to do this mod? I would appreciete your comments and experience about this. Thanks for your time! Andrew.
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