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  1. Don

    Nose tire

    What is the best nose tire for a Cozy Mark IV and where can I purchase one?
  2. Maybe his wife said you have to sell the airplane, so he says “I’ve got it up for sale”!
  3. All airframe structure complete including wings, canard with forward opening canopy, Cleveland wheels and brakes. 18 deg dynafocal mount for IO-320, electric nose lift. $13,000.00.
  4. Won’t open by accident in flight or on takeoff roll. Easy to work on cockpit and instrument panel from both sides.
  5. Looking at the airplane and paperwork it appears the wings were built using EZpoxy!
  6. Is there a way to tell if Vinyl resin was used? I’m going to look at the plane tomorrow and look through all the paperwork.
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