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  1. Flyingftw

    Newbie with questions

    Thanks to all for the quick replies. I am gathering more info and keeping my eye out for aircraft for sale. I hope I can get a ride in a Long EZ and an RV sometime this year.
  2. Flyingftw

    Newbie with questions

    Hi all, I'm an airline pilot and always wanted to own a plane. So recently I have been looking into experimental aircraft, more specifically aircraft like the RV8 and Long EZ's. The idea is day VFR with the occasional night flight (if that is even allowed under EASA). I do have quite some questions about the Long EZ. It would be great to have some input from owners/pilots. So here are some of my questions. - Is there any company that manufactures something like a Long EZ kit? - Is it a viable option to buy a used Long EZ and strip down the interior in order to rebuild/upgrade it? - So I know the cockpit is quite small. Is there any option to reduce the size of the instrument panel vertically, in order to allow more leg movement? - Just to make sure: Grass runways are not possible or can it be done? - How does it handle? I mean how does the stick feel? Is the feedback from the surfaces different than conventional light aircraft? - Lastly can it be built with C/S prop? Thanks