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  1. Ouch! I truly appreciate the harsh truth from both of you.. All of those thoughts have run through my mind multiple times. I guess that’s why he’s eager to take $11,500 for it. I’ll keep looking for a nice EZ! Can anyone point me in a good direction?
  2. Hello all.. I’ve been in the market for an EZ for a while and wanted a Long but I stumbled across a Vari that hasn’t flown in 5 years in central FL that was built by Gene Zabler that has 1600 hours airframe. It’s currently on Barnstormers and I’m considering purchasing it. As it sits, it needs to be repainted and some light wing structure work, and a chunk is missing from the right elevator trailing edge from the initial overlook. It has an O-200 with 50hrs since overhaul by Zephyr engines and a “new” prop, but the seller has no logbooks other than the build plans and overhaul papers. I’d like to get some insight on key items to look at during the pre-buy tear down. I appreciate any and all feedback!! Thanks
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