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  1. I sold my Long EZ aircraft project without the engine. If anyone is interested in buying the Rotary engine built by Bruce Turrentine of Rotary Resources, please contact me at 337-853-3111 or lezav8r@gmail.com. I also have a Real World Solutions, Inc. PSRU RD-1C,2.85:1 Gear Drive as well. The engine is an '86-'88 13B 6 port Mazda Rotary Engine with new turbo II rotor housings, rotor seals, engine bearings, oil pump and drive train, gaskets. It also has 9,4:1 compression rotors. Viton O-rings used for: Rotor oil seal, front cover, rear stationary gear and dowel pin O-rings. Teflon Encapsulated O- Rings used for inner main O-ring. Disabled E-shaft thermal pellet. Selling the engine and the re-drive for $7500.
  2. $1,900 NEW IVO MAGNUM In-flight Adjustable Prop - Retail $3120 at http://www.ivoprop.com/inflightmagnumodel.htm IVO Magnum In-flight Adjustable, 3 Blade Propeller 1ML 368+E26NT /Long EZ/Mazda/2.85G/180/6800 (U) (K) W/BB Real World Solutions Inc TR Long Ez Mazda 180 6000 2 gear 2.85 G Contact Ed Moreno 337-853-3111
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