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  1. I was at the class in Indianapolis. Very helpful and worth every cent. Spencer
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Spencer Boesch and I've had the plans to Cozy MKIV # 1770 for a few months now. I'm looking forward to talking to and meeting as many fellow (or soon to be) builders as possible. I talked with several people at Oshkosh this year and enjoyed everyones advice. Even got to sit in a few Cozys and Velocitys. I'll also be going down to Rough River in September and would like to actually fly in a Cozy 4. My broad shoulders ( and belly) are a concern to me for long flights, but let's see how I do in just a short one to start. :-) On a side note, I'm still a student. Changing flight instructors and less than a wonderful experience at a flying club have stalled my certification process, but that's easily fixed.
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