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  1. Hello all. I've been in the background reading for several months now. I saw a Long-EZ flying over my house when I was just a kid and have been intrigued ever since. Over the last year I have started to get more serious doing research and it culminating in going to Oshkosh this year. I managed to attend the composites workshop with my dad (it was all old news to him since he repaired his Corvette bodies himself back in the 70's) and spoke to a few people. I'm glad I went as it really alleviated some of the anxiety I had over my ambitions to build a Long-EZ while attending college. I will be moving back to Columbus, Ohio in a week and starting a degree in Engineering Physics. I have looked through a lot of the build logs and gave myself conservative estimates to build over long weekends and breaks in sprints. With disciplined planning and budgeting I am confident I can make significant progress over 3 years without sacrificing study time. I understand it will be quite an undertaking but that motivates me even more. Everything I've read so far on these forums have been very helpful and motivating and I thank all of you. Unless something comes up, I'm planning to do practice layups over Labor Day and start the bulkheads at Thanksgiving. I will try to post updates when I can for the support and more importantly, constructive criticism. AB
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