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  1. I can find thickness and engine cross references but have not been able to find diameter dimensions on any mounts. Some newer mounts have been the 3" wide and the 2.75" diameter, all have been 3/4" thick for a o-320 but I have a 2.25" wide and trying to find the model for this size is tough. I started with the Barry mount for the 0-320 but the rubber disc to the engine mount is too large around. Both Lord and Barry are no responsive and ACS is reluctant to start pulling boxes apart  to examine sizes.

  2. trying to get the mount number of either a berry or lord mount. The current mount has no model number. The mount is 2.25" across and 3/4" high with a 1/2" shoulder. Any one know what model? Manufacturers have been no help. Manufactures only show height not width. Sure the engine mount is an older style.
  3. Looking for an electric nose gear system for an Long Ez project. Contact Doug@customstudio.com
  4. I would be interested. It is for a long EZ? Doug@customstudio.com
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