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  1. I have a brand new set of cleveland wheels, brakes, master cylinders, and axels for a cozy MKIV they are part number 199-152 and are over 2400.00 and I would like to sell these for 1800.00 or trade for a garmin or Icom nav/com radio of similar value. Please let me know if you are interested and you can email me at leslaidlaw@hotmail.com
  2. Looks great, you want to com to MN and rig mine????????
  3. I do not have any pics now. I will post some soon. If you look up Bulent Aleive (SP) he did it first and I like the look but it is wider at the seat back. If you haven't made the turtleback and want to go this way it would be easier than what I did, cutting the finished turtle back down the middle and adding a wedge. I just finished glassing my elevators and I will finish with the install of the aluminum attach points tomorrow. I also just glassed the outside of my winglets and got the foam brackets glassed on the inside for the installation of the canopy. I will hopefully finish the upper winglets tomorrow and get the turtle back finished as well.
  4. I just had to redo my turtle back, I am putting a lancair canopy instead of the standard similar to what Buly did with his, it is six inches wider at the seat back and tapers to the standard firewall. I like the look and it also gives a lot more headroom without adding height. I cut my wings over the winter and am planning on starting to assemble them soon. I hope to have my fiberglassing done by the end of summer as I teach and it gets really cold here in the winter. I also have my cowls and molds for them, if you want to make a pull off of them you are welcome. Are you going to oshkosh this year? I am about 6 hours drive west and you can make your cowls.
  5. Nice work. I have been jumping around chapters with mine and you are doing it right. Looks great.
  6. I wasn't aware of this. I guess I will put it in front of the pedals. Thanks for the advise.
  7. I am going to put nav in the wing and com in the winglet and also just the canard for two antennae. I checked out what RST had on their diagram for the cozy I think I will have too many antennae but better than not enough. I was thinking about putting the transponder antennae in the wing tip and using the lower and upper winglet fro the antennae and the group plane lengthwise. Does the ground plane for the xponder need to be a circle or is that just to make it the right size?
  8. Here are a few pics I will keep uploading pics as well, I am trying to remember the order so there might be some out of place
  9. I have as Facebook page with the Pics. Cozy Build log is the name for the page. I do not have any pics of the canard or the wings but when it warms up I will get them taken. I was cutting out the wings at the university after teaching using the community templates that Charles put together and are circulating through the builders. They work great and gave me the confidence to start cutting. I made my own wood templates but decided to go this route because of the importance of the main wing. I am glad I did it this way because of the template that might not be exact after putting the piece to the plans together. I was able to photocopy the canard template and it came out great but it also fit on one page and matched exactly to the M-Drawings.
  10. I have my wings and winglets cut out and am working on some things that I can do while it is still cold here in MN. I made a mold for the fuel strake leading edge and working on a canopy latch design for a forward hinge canopy. Before it got cold I was able to get my canard cut out and glassed on the bottom and it has been sitting jigged up on my work table ready for warm weather to finish the top. I still need to install the foam for the hinge attach point for the elevator and install the antennae. I still need to buy a bubble so I can finish the canopy and also the electric nose gear retract so I can finish the nose. If anyone has a line on a stalled project or someone parting one out I would be interested in purchasing these two items. I have been stalling on buying new in case I could find one used. I purchase cowls and I have the leather for the interior but that is still a long way off. Any tip or hints on wings, strakes, or finishing is always appreciated, I hope to have all my glassing done by Oshkosh. Ill keep you updated when I am able to get back at it.
  11. I got the landing gear installed and removing the bushing and filing down the tube worked great. I still have to install the axels and wheels, brakes. I am kind of worried about this portion and do not want to mess it up. I have to get the Dragonfly out of the hanger so I can have the space to do the measurements. I have just about finished the turtle back and have the windows installed. I did the cozy girl strake "kit" and laid up the two large pieces of pvc foam and glassed both sides with the low vac system. I have yet to cut the parts out because that chapter is still aways down the road. I posted that I am in need of a front electric retract system and also a canopy. If you know a project that is being parted out or sold I would be interested in either of these items. Thanks again for all the advice and support.
  12. I am looking for an electric nose gear retract assembly. I am building a MKiv so it needs to be able to handle the 400Lb front passenger. I also need the canopy. I have the glass installed in the turtleback but I do not have the main canopy. Any help with either of these would be greatly appreciated. Les

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