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  1. Hey guys, There is an SQ2000 available in California with a low time IO-360. Empty weight is 1460 so it looks like its a little on the heavy side, but I don't plan on putting a bunch of people in it so that may not be a big deal. The reason I am posting here is to see what people think about the build quality and potential airworthiness. Here is the link, tell me your thoughts. Does anyone think this thing is a death trap? Also I might want to go fly with a current cozy or long ez pilot before I ferry this thing, so any current pilots willing to let me fly with them let me know. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/avo/d/el-cajon-sq2000-canard-experimental/7167959572.html -Ryan
  2. Hello all! I just joined and wanted to say hello to everyone. I have admired canards since I started flying in my teens and am looking for someone to give me a ride in one to make up my mind so I can start building/looking for planes to purchase. I have two small children so I am really in the market for something like a Cozy MK IV or a Velocity. I am an Air Force pilot and just got my ATP preparing to make the jump over to the airlines. If you love canards and are in the Tampa Bay area drop me a line. If you see any projects available or are looking to sell your project or plane definitely let me know. -Ryan J.

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