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    Trystyn Clark
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    Livermore, CA 94550
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    Photography, Banner Towing
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    Building,Flying, CANARD'S

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    Cessna 182 1979
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    Cozy Mark IV
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    Build Start April 2017, finish 2017
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  1. Hello, All, my name is Trystyn Clark I am 15 years old and based out of Livermore, CA. I have over 200 hours of flight time and a lot of Canard time. I own a 1946 C140, and I am EAA 663's newsletter editor and board member. I have been looking at building a Vans RV-10 but I just can't stand the way Aluminum looks... I think composite is very simple and looks really good once finished. I am looking at starting a Mk-IV build in early April. I know this is no little project, and it takes time. I would like to get some advice on starting like tools that are must have's, and what I should plan for during the build. I am looking at engines already. What would you recommend on epoxy? Things like that. Thank you! Trystyn Clark
  2. Hello, Everyone, I am looking for a partial complete Long Ez project, and or a Set of Plans to a Long-EZ I do know there online but looking for a set. Project can be any state of the build. -Trystyn
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