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  1. Robert Wieczorek

    SQ2000 project

    Can you provide pics please? Thanks Bob
  2. Robert Wieczorek

    SOLD: Infinity Retractable Landing Gear For Sale - $5,500

    Please E mail me at wings05rv6a@yahoo.com. Thanks Bob Wieczorek
  3. Robert Wieczorek

    SOLD: Infinity Retractable Landing Gear For Sale - $5,500

    I am interested in landing gears. What is the lowest that you will take.
  4. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    Yes the rear seat area, good idea, please let me look into this good point. Thanks. Bob
  5. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    Andrew; Thanks for your response , yes CG is a concern it is very important in canard aircraft. But the forward CG at that point should be manegable. We still put things in there, O2 bottles and other things. My concern is No leaks and fuel flow. Bob
  6. Hello I have a couple of projects one is for sale Cheap. Good work, an engine ,a prop, and an instrument panel complete Price very negotiable the cozy is on wheels, wings done and canard 50%. You will not be dissapointed. Call 559-760-1828.
  7. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    OK I have asked the question about sealing the storage area at the fuel cell I would like to see some pictures of the process in turning that AREA into a fuel cell if anyone has done it before. Please.
  8. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    Yes Robert is still very active. I flew to Tennessee earlier this year and went to his hangar. Great guy very informative has several projects going. I took notes videos and photos. excelent work. I will return to Tenn in early 2017 as my work on the aircraft will begin. Need to build the fuel cells and the engine mount. I will need expert help. I am willing to learn and invest the time. I am pretty JAZZED about this project. Bob Built and flying RV6a worked on the only manned rubber band powered aircraft. Building Cozy MK IV
  9. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    You are right about the bladder. But my interest is in kerosene for a GE T 58.
  10. Robert Wieczorek

    strake skins

    Hello everyone I am new to this site My name is Bob Wieczorek. I am rebuilding the fuse of a cozy MK IV (The canopy and the front tip.) But my question is has anyone ever inclosed the storage area next to the fuel tanks (strakes) and turned it into a larger fuel cell?
  11. Robert Wieczorek

    We lost Bob Hoover today

    I welled up at the news of John Glenn's passing. He was a hero to me and an inspiration to all of us who fly.
  12. Robert Wieczorek

    Who are you?

    Thanks Marc for the reply, I am retired and available at any time. I have been to Tehachapi several times. Please let me know when its good for you. My cell is 559-760-1828. Thanks Bob
  13. Robert Wieczorek

    Who are you?

    Hello everyone My name is Robert Wieczorek, I live very near Yosemite national park and I am looking for fellow builders near my area. The closest large city is Fresno California. I would like to visit and learn more about the canard aircraft. I am rebuilding an existing project and want to start out right. I have built a plans RV6a and I have been flying it for 3 years. But the RV has limited room and is not comfortable in long flights. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and flying this new aircraft.