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  1. 320/360 Long Ez engine mount for lycoming. Unsure of brand. Was on a plane which only flew a few hours before being parted. $250usd I am located in Australia but can have someone deliver to LA and then post ups to US.
  2. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/332324981951?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Located in Australia however I can arrange to have this posted from LA to US only.
  3. Can't wait for the upgrade Jon, thanks for all your hard work on the site it's greatly appreciated having a resource like this.
  4. Hi Jon, It's the leg cutout I was thinking about. Just seems it's a high traffic area with the chance of being chipped out over time plus the foam is just exposed there. Nothing is mentioned in the plans and I guess paint somewhat fills and seals off the foam. Cheers, Sam
  5. What do builders normally do with the bulkhead cutouts, do they leave the exposed foam or put something like food in the channel for durability?
  6. Date: 17-6-2017 Number of Hours: 4 Hours to Date: 9 Manual Reference: Chapter 5 Brief Description: Fuselage Sides Routed the right side fuselage depression for the control stick using the circle cutter on a dremel router. Also completed the jig for cutting the longerons I ran out of time but Dad had it finished the next day. Next trip out will probably be used to prepare all of the wood for the fuse sides. Date: 18-6-2017 Number of Hours: 1 Hours to Date: 10 Manual Reference: Chapter 4 Brief Description: bulkheads Back to the bulkheads, I cleaned up all of the edges after they'd been cut with the bandsaw so they are ready for glass now. Easy job to do at home while on reserve. I looked into kitlog again but it isn't mac friendly so I guess I'll have to look at a blog or keep going here.
  7. Bandsaw was the original thought but the guy at the boat building shop said they do it this way it's a bit wasteful but it's worth a go once the jig is made I can send it to any new builder or supply the triangle stock. I'm sure a lot of other designs could use it too. What fibreglass are you using on your cozy voidhawk? Have you imported Hexcel from the states or is there a local supplier?
  8. Date: 16-6-2017 Number of Hours: 2 Hours to Date: 5 Manual Reference: Chapter 5 Brief Description: Fuselage Sides A bit ahead on this one but I had ordered a sheet of 20mm or 0.8in divinycell for the seat bulkheads however the supplier sanded the 20mm sheet down from a 25mm sheet so I decided while it is all the same I will use this as the fuselage sides. Today was spent cutting the sides down to the rough size and microns them together - a lot of time was spent thinking about the best way but it'll be trimmed to final size after the longerons are bonded with a flush trim router. Australia is a bit limited with wood choices - we have some fantastic timbers here but spruce isn't one of them. For the longerons I'll be using A grade clear hoop pine. This however doesn't come in triangle stock so we are making up a jig to use with the thicknesser to mill down the triangle stock from square. More to come.
  9. Mmmmm foam time! Picked up some 20mm Divinycell for the fuselage today. It's only sold here in full 2440x1220mm sheets but the supplier is great to deal with and cut it into the usual quarter sized sheets found in the US which means I can fit it in the car .
  10. Hi Kent, do you have any more info on your nose retract? Cheers, Sam
  11. Hi Mechanizoid, that's the one I fly both the 135 and 140. Prefer the shorter 135 but both are very similar - same plane one is just stretched slightly. If you're looking to build an Ez make sure you check out YouTube for the following: Building the Rutan composites All of the Mike Arnold AR5 videos And also the Eaa website for their composite videos Ary J's website is gold for building a long he has made a massive contribution and a big thanks to him for the work he has done. It's very handy to watch his videos and go through his site. Cheers, Sam
  12. Hi Jon, Thanks the resin is quite common in Australia, it's used for Aviation and Motorsport. I Believe a couple of other builders may be using this as well. Cheers, Sam
  13. Canard Fans, I've decided to start documenting my build on Canard Zone until I can work out a more suitable alternative maybe a Kitlog old blog site. As an introduction my name is Sam and I live in Brisbane Australia, my daily is the Embraer 140 and I've been flying for just over 10 years now. After a lot of procrastinating and research I settled on building one of my favourite designs from one of the greatest minds around Burt Rutan. The hope is to do the design justice, I am incorporating a couple of modifications which most seem to do however it will otherwise be very much a plans build. My current memberships and subscriptions include CSA and Squadron III. Log: Date: 16-5-2017 Number of Hours: 2 Hours to Date: 2 Manual Reference: Chapter 4 Brief Description: Cut High density bulkheads The start of the build! Drove out to Warwick (Around 2Hrs) today to cut out some of the fuselage bulkheads and NG30's/Nose Bulkheads for the extended Ary J nose with the bandsaw and scroll saw. My Dad has a large wood workshop which I will make use of during the build which is full of the good stuff - Tools Tools Tools! Thanks Dad . Date: 30-5-2017 Number of Hours: 1 Hours to Date: 3 Manual Reference: Chapter 4 Brief Description: Nose Bulkhead Layup Today was spent on some of the easier and less structural layups to get into the swing of things. Glassed the front side of the two nose bulkheads. Resin is K3600 Araldite. Very clear and easy resin to work with, I can't say from experience but for a beginner it seemed to wet out very nicely. Cheers, Sam
  14. Hi Jon, I haven't printed the plans yet but was going to scale them as per the dimensions noted in the first post. I have to print them on A1 as the original arch size isn't available here in Australia so I will have to scale them regardless. Cheers, Sam
  15. Hi Jon, Is revision 6 available yet? Looking to start cutting bulkheads soon and would like to have the updated plans if possible. Thank you so much for your work on these. Cheers, Sam

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