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  1. Did the Open-EZ Twin plans ever get released? I sure hope so because the Open-EZ/Twin appears to the the only aircraft that exactly fits my needs. Dave
  2. Anyone in SE Texas feel like an hour of flying? I'm buying the gas... We* are finally in a position where it is realistic for us to build a plane. Our two finalists are the Long-EZ and the Dragonfly so I am trying to find one of each for us to experience by each taking a 30 minute lap around the county. If you can help us out it would be greatly apprciated. * 'We' as in my wife and I... yes, she flies and builds things
  3. Can you point me towards such stretch mod documentation? I found Ed Lovrien's page talking a bit about the LimoEZ on EAA 517's site, but that was all. Dave
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