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  1. Welcome to the club!!
  2. wockda

    Exhaust wrap.

    I will be changing the lower cowling to fit the ram airbox in and getting a new prop to hopefully get an increase in speed. The Hendrickson prop has worked ok for years but I’m sure I can get some gains with a little work. This is what I like about this forum with the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  3. wockda

    Exhaust wrap.

    Not sure, I was just asking. Thanks for the info on the fiberfrax
  4. wockda

    Exhaust wrap.

    Anyone have advice on how to keep my exhaust from burning the cowling (see pics) . Also, should I change the trailing edge of the cowling ? I am planning on installing a ram air intake (Vans) and making a boat tail style lower cowling and also replacing the prop with a Silver bullet. Currently I get 2350 rpm on the ground and 2900 rpm @4°C , 6500 msl . Any ideas/ criticism welcomed. Thanks

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